Best Paying Jobs in Telecommunications Equipment

What are the best paying jobs in telecommunications equipment?

Over the last ten to fifteen years, the world of technology has evolved greatly. We are used to Facetiming our friends and family instead of only depending on cellular calls. This development has a huge contribution from the Telecommunication Equipment industry.

This wide industry includes some integral sections such as transceiver stations, multiplexers, transmission lines, and more. All these sections have growing levels of job opportunities. As a professional in this industry, you will be responsible for developing and installing technologies that make transmission easy.

You can go through this article right here to learn about different jobs in telecommunications. So, without much delay, let’s start.

Best Paying Jobs In Telecommunications Equipment

If you don’t want to consider major bank jobs or electricity utilities central jobs, you can try telecommunication jobs instead. Here are some telecommunications jobs you can try-

1. Data Architect

One of the best paying jobs in telecommunications equipment industry is the Data architect role. As a data architect, you will design data systems that save and store critical information. They are also responsible for keeping those systems updated and ensuring their backup and security.

You must have a bachelor’s degree in computer science to start your career as a data architect. Also, you require the skill of paying attention to minute details.

  • You can expect an annual salary of $142,917 per annum.

2. Cloud Architect

Cloud architects work with cloud computing infrastructures within the telecommunication industry. They are also responsible for creating apps and moving them to the cloud. These professionals are also cautious about different high-risk situations that may challenge and threaten the system. To sum it all up, the cloud architects are responsible for all the cloud computing-related activities within the telecommunication industry.

You need to have a bachelor’s degree in the fields related to cloud computing.

  • As a cloud architect, you can expect a median salary of $138,000 Per year.

3. IT Managers

If you are looking for the best paying jobs in telecommunications equipment, you can opt for the role of IT manager. As an IT manager, you will be devising short-term and long-term strategies and executing them to ensure the IT infrastructure’s operability. You may also be helping an organization with hiring and training new professionals in the IT department.

For managerial roles in the IT department, having a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science is a must. You will also need to have different soft skills, including good leadership skills, to succeed in the role of IT manager.

  • Professionals can expectedly to earn a salary of $130,000 per annum.

4. Telecommunications Manager

As a telecommunication manager, you will be working to understand the cost of different services, equipment, and devices in the telecommunication industry. As a telecommunication manager, you will also develop and implement processes to help the business profit.

For this role, you will need to have an Electrical Engineering degree and a minimum of five years of experience in the field.

  • The expected salary in this field is $129,617.

5. Cyber Security Expert

One of the most critical roles in the telecommunication sector is the role of a cyber security expert. It is undoubtedly one of the best paying jobs in telecommunications equipment. This role requires professionals to secure the network or the system from any threats. Also, this job role has a very high demand in the industry nowadays.

You need to have the perspective of a hacker and an eagle’s eye for malware detection. Professionals looking for a job in this role require a bachelor’s degree in computer science and great analytical skills.

  • As a cyber security expert, you can expect a salary of $117,000 per year

6. Antenna Engineer

The highest jobs in telecommunications also include the role of antenna engineers. They are usually tasked with building antennas for different devices for communications. These engineers are skilled in designing antennas for smartphones, modems, and radio antennas.

You need to be skilled with electromagnetism and have a bachelor’s degree in engineering.

  • Antenna engineers earn a salary of $115,000 per year.

7. Data Scientist

The telecom industry needs to work with lots of data. As a result, the need for data scientists

It is growing immensely. Data scientists mine and analyze company data to help them make informed business decisions. This is also a great career opportunity for people working in the telecom industry.

As a data scientist, you will require machine learning and statistical data analysis skills. You will need a background in math and computer science for this career.

  • As a data scientist, you can expect a salary of $101200 per year.

8. Software Developer

As a software developer, you will be tasked with developing software solutions for systems and networks to run properly. It is also one of the best paying jobs in telecommunication equipment.

You will need a computer science degree and coding skills for a developer’s job.

  • You can expect a salary of $100,000.

9. Telecommunications Project Manager

Technical skills are required for core-level work in the telecommunication sector. However, soft skills like leadership and management are required to fulfill larger projects. A telecommunication project manager handles, schedules, and budgets telecom projects.

You will need to coordinate with the other team members and your subordinates to succeed in different projects.

  • In this role, you can expect a salary of $99,037 per year.

10. Network Engineer

If you are looking for the best paying jobs in telecommunications equipment, then a Network engineer is a good role to consider. In this role, you will design and install different computer networks. As a network engineer, you will also troubleshoot different network-related issues. IP address auditing is also another responsibility of this job role.

You need a bachelor’s degree in CS and be familiar with programming languages for this job. You should also be skilled in network design.

  • Network designers earn a salary of $90,000 per year.

Final Words

These are some of the best paying jobs in telecommunications equipment. If you want to secure your career in the telecommunication field, you can follow this article and choose your preferred career option. But please note that the annual salary is an average of what most professionals in each respective role claim to earn.

If you have any related queries, you can let us know through the comment sections. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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